About EnCo

The construction of the Energy Complex, which has been designed based on the concept of a prototype of energy conservation and environmentally-friendliness, has created a Sustainable Building, an Intelligent Building and a Green Building according to the international standards of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and of ASHRAE 90.1 Version 2004. Architectural technology and design are pooled to optimize energy consumption by devising a system.

The Energy Complex is designed as an integrated group of sustainable buildings with good surroundings, high levels of safety and a remarkably unique architectural style, as follows:-

• Building design that reflects the identity of the energy organization and incorporating innovative energy-conserving technologies throughout the Complex.
• An emphasis on combining utilities with energy conservation and eco-friendliness, this prototypical building attains energy optimization by utilizing technologies that are economically appropriate and by keeping the right balance between energy efficiency and a comfortable working atmosphere for tenants.
• Giving priority to tenants’ safety, by using modern information technologies in all building management systems. In addition, the Complex structure is designed according to international standards to withstand earthquakes, up to magnitude 7.2 on the Richter scale, occurring at the epicentral fault line in Kanchanaburi province.
• Innovative design that enables the best use of space and can maintain outdoor open space area that is more than the requirement of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. Whereas the regulation requires an open area of 10% of the total space, the entire open space and green area of the Energy Complex is higher than the requirement by 287%.
Green Roofs
Empty spaces like car park rooftops can become useful, with trees planted thereon as natural heat barriers that also help purify the air and beautify the landscape.
Water Recycling System for Plumbing and Sanitary Uses

Energy Complex pursues efficient water management so it can reuse as much as 90% of wastewater and reduce water consumption by up to 55.3%.

• Rainwater is used in place of general water supply in flushing and garden watering. Rainwater pipes are installed to each building to collect rainwater in storage tanks, thus conserving more than 16,000 m3 of water in a year.
• Gray water is also reused. It is fed through the treatment process and then reused for flushing, thereby saving more than 18,000 m3 of water a year.
•Automatic garden irrigation system is installed, controlled by timer and soil moisture sensors, which greatly
facilitate water conservation.