About EnCo
Innovative and state-of-the-art technologies are integrated to establish a good balance of favorable working environment, safety of life and property and convenience of living.

Download QSSHE, BCM, Energy Management and Social Responsibility Policy
Convenient Transportation Systems
Tenants are provided with a full range of transportation-related services, which include parking spaces for cars and bicycles, shuttle bus service between the Complex, BTS and MRT stations and a taxi stand.
Parking Towers and Bicycle Parking Spaces
There are 2 parking towers, with a total capacity of over 2,500 cars, for undercover parking which can decrease accumulated heat from vehicles. Dedicated spaces are reserved for bicycle users, in order to provide safety and promote commuting by bicycle.
Comprehensive Fire Alarm System

To ensure the highest level of safety for tenants and building structures a comprehensive fire alarm system is installed equipped in all zones. The system consists of:-
• Smoke detectors capable of prompt functioning, installed all over the premises;
• Fire hydrant system, designed in compliance with NFPA 14 standard;
• Automatic sprinkler system, designed in compliance with NFPA 13 standard;
• Fire suppression system using FM-200 gas, for the buildings’ main power room and the elevator machine room.
• Fire pump system, provided separately for each Low Zone and High Zone of the buildings;
• Water tank, with a continuous water supply for 60 minutes of fire extinguishing according to NFPA 5000 standard, which is longer than the legal requirement 30 minutes.

Comprehensive Access Security

As befits the national energy center where the Ministry of Energy and PTT affiliates are located, the Energy Complex gives its tenants greater assurance with a full-scale security system to protect against undesirable events. The system includes:-
• X-ray system for scanning suspicious packages;
• Metal detector system and card access gate system at the entrance;
• Card access system for elevator boarding and floor entry to each office;
• Card access system for getting in and out of parking towers;
• Vehicle inspection system (undercarriage, driver, license plate) at parking towers;
• CCTV surveillance system, for recording indoor and outdoor occurrences;
• Fire exit monitoring system.

Facilities for the Disabled
Here at the Energy Complex, not only the comfort and convenience of general tenants are recognized, but also those of the disabled. The Complex provides the physically disabled with various facilities, such as service signs, ramps, elevators, stairs, parking spaces, doorways, lavatories, entrances, walkways and passageways between buildings or uneven surfaces, etc.
Female Security Guards to Keep Female Customers Company
For safety purpose, since 10 PM, female customers can request female security guards at P1 and P2 building guardhouses to keep them company while going to their parking lots (in Energy Complex). 
Recording Taxi information
The complex provides security guards to record Taxi information at taxi stand for retrieving passengers’ lost items during 8 AM – 10 PM.